Here Are Common Causes of Car Accidents According to California Attorneys

California attorneys’ data shows statistics on common causes of a car accident. Being familiar with those common causes will enable you to reduce the risks of getting involved in a car accident. Some of these causes include the following:

1.      Alcohol-Impaired Driving

So far, more than car accidents related to alcohol-impaired driving have caused more than 1,000 fatalities this year. In California, drunk driving isn’t legal. 21 years old people and above shouldn’t drive cars with a BAC content of 0.08% or higher.

2.      Speeding

When rushing for an emergency or business meeting, you can speed up. And since you have less time to react when you speed up your car, you are likely to cause an accident.

As a driver, you may ask yourself, is speeding always negligence? Under California Vehicle Code § 40831, proof showing that a driver exceeds the speed limit doesn’t establish recklessness. But if it is proven so, you will be charged accordingly.

3.      Drug-Impaired Driving

Apart from alcohol, drugs may impair you as a driver. In California, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of substances like drugs. These include prescription medications, illicit substances, and marijuana.

The Office of Traffic Safety in California reports that around half of drivers killed in a car accident in 2023 so far have tested positive for drugs.

4.      Distracted Driving

This involves any activity that may take your attention away from the wheel, including adjusting your radio, talking to the passengers, eating, or taking phone calls.

Most distracted driving behaviors are more challenging to prove when compared to others, but all might be used to prove liability.

5.      Fatigue

Truck drivers drive long hours simply because the companies they work for put a lot of pressure on them so they can meet delivery deadlines. However, fatigue will set in if drivers don’t get the energy they need.

Fatigue comes with several symptoms. Drivers may experience tiredness, impaired decision-making, blurred vision, and bad concentration. Too-tired drivers can be incapable of responding properly to various situations and, even worse than that, fall asleep, resulting in a fatal accident.

6.      Ignoring Traffic Signals and Signs

Drivers mostly take it upon themselves to ignore different traffic signals and signs, resulting in car accidents. They often do that for different reasons, including getting distracted by something or being late for appointments.

Accidents that drivers cause when running red lights are common. Such accidents end up injuring other pedestrians and motorists on their pelvis and femur.

7.      Rage Driving

If a driver engages in aggressive or reckless driving tactics, the chances of a serious car accident increase. Racing, drifting into another lane, wrong-way driving, and tailgating are good examples of road rage driving. If the rage driving causes a fatal car accident, you can be held accountable for a victim’s death.

Final Touches

A car accident can still happen regardless of how keen you are when driving. If you get involved in a car accident that results in serious injuries, you will need to enlist the services of an attorney to help you navigate the complexities of the procedure.

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