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Kellye SoRelle: Oath Keepers lawyer pleads not guilty to Jan 6 charges


Kellye SoRelle, a self-described general counsel for the right-wing militia group the Oath Keepers, pleaded not guilty Friday to several charges relating to the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

SoRelle faces four charges, including obstruction of an official proceeding and obstructing justice by telling others to delete information from their phones.

Prosecutors say they do not plan to add SoRelle, who took a photo with group leader Stewart Rhodes in front of the Capitol that day, to any of the larger indictments charging members of the Oath Keepers with a seditious conspiracy. The Justice Department also noted that there are “numerous witnesses who talk about” SoRelle who are part of the larger Oath Keepers case, adding that there is “voluminous” discovery for SoRelle and her counsel to go through.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Nestler also asked Judge Amit Mehta to heavily restrict SoRelle’s internet access, citing the

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‘Duck Sauce Killer’ abused wife for decades, her lawyer says

The widow of accused “Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch endured decades of “sadistic” beatings and rape and wouldn’t have dared prevent him from storing guns and ammo in her Queens apartment, her lawyer argues in a new court filing.

The lawyer for Dorothy Hirsch offered the horrific details from her marriage to bolster his argument she should have never been charged with gun possession after police found firearms and ammo stashed in her apartment.

“Glenn’s acts of brutality against Dorothy (before and during their marriage) included sadistic and violent sexual abuse, striking, cutting and menacing her with weapons, punching her, slapping her, threatening to kill her, extortion and contempt,” lawyer Mark Bederow wrote .

Prosecutors knew about the history of abuse when they arrested her — they sent over a detailed list of Hirsch’s past domestic arrests to the judge in his case on June 3, the same day his

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For Trump’s Lawyers, Legal Exposure Comes With the Job

A dark joke has begun circulating among lawyers following the many legal travails of former President Donald Trump: MAGA actually stands for “making attorneys get attorneys.”

Over six years and nine major investigations by Congress, the Justice Department and local prosecutors, as Trump has managed to avoid removal from the presidency and indictment, it has become clear that serving as one of his lawyers is a remarkably risky job — and one that can involve considerable legal exposure. Time after time, his attorneys have been asked to testify as witnesses to potential crimes — or evaluated as possible criminal conspirators themselves.

While the consequences his lawyers faced were extraordinary when Trump was in the White House, the dangers have only intensified since he left office and have become increasing acute in recent weeks, as the former president has come under scrutiny in two different Justice Department investigations and has been

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Wichita lawyer suspended after charged multiple times, lied about alcoholism

WICHITA, Kan. (WIBW) – A business lawyer in Wichita has been suspended from practicing law in Kansas for a year after multiple violent crime charges for hitting his wife and ex-wife and lying about his alcoholism.

The Kansas Supreme Court says in the case of Case No. 124,955: In the Matter of Jason M. Janoski, that it decided to suspend Janoski from the practice of law for one year in response to violations of the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct.

According to the Court, Janoski, a business and employment lawyer in Wichita, violated the following Rules:

  • 3.1 – Meritorious claims
  • 3.4 – Fairness to opposing party and counsel
  • 4.2 – Communication with a represented person
  • 8.3 – Reporting professional misconduct
  • 8.4(c) – Engaging in professional misconduct that involves dishonesty
  • 8.4(d) – Engaging in professional misconduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
  • 8.4(g) – Engaging in professional misconduct that adversely

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Johnny Depp Lawyer Camille Vasquez Takes ‘Yellowstone’ Star as New Client

Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, has taken on a new celebrity client, signing on to represent Yellowstone star Q’orianka Kilcher in her legal battle against the state of California.

Vasquez represented Depp in the six-week-long, multi-million dollar defamation trial between the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard earlier this year, emerging as a celebrity in her own right as she was applauded numerous times in the courtroom.

After the jury declared that Heard defamed the Pirates of the Caribbean star, awarding him $10.35 million in damages, Vasquez was promoted to partner of the Brown Rudnick law firm.

She is once again taking on a high-profile case, representing Kilcher, who was charged earlier this year with two felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud. The case was filed by the California Department of Insurance in July, alleging that the actor collected disability benefits while working on the show despite claiming she was

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