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Paul Pogba’s brother detained over alleged extortion, says lawyer

According to Mathias’ lawyer Yassine Bouzrou, Mathias Pogba, 32, has been in prison since Saturday night.

“We will challenge this decision and ask for him to be released,” Bouzrou told CNN on Sunday.

The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office also confirmed to CNN on Sunday that Mathias Pogba has been placed in temporary detention.

Paul Pogba, who plays for Italy’s Serie A side Juventus, made a claim of extortion against his brother last month, in a statement obtained by CNN via his legal team.

Paul Pogba’s statement came after his brother had released a series of videos on Instagram in English, French, Spanish and Italian in which he claimed that he would make “great revelations” about the conduct of his brother and Rafaela Pimenta, his agent.

Paul Pogba’s statement, which was signed by his lawyers, his mother Yeo Moriba and Pimenta, read: “Unfortunately, Mathias Pogba’s recent social media posts are not

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Hae Min Lee’s family feels ‘blindsided’ by Adnan Syed’s release: lawyer

The family of the woman whom freed prisoner Adnan Syed was convicted of killing is furious about the way his recent release was handled — and claim they were left completely out of the process, their attorney said Tuesday.

Attorney Steve Kelly says the family of murder victim Hae Min Lee felt betrayed by the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office’s decision to spring Syed — who spent some two decades in prison for allegedly strangling the teen before a podcast highlighted problems with his case.

“Whether or not Adnan is guilty is beside the point,” Kelly said in an interview on CNN.

“This is what they have been told for decades upon decades. And the issue is nobody wants to find out who killed Hae more than her brother and her mom. What happened yesterday … they were completely excluded from the process. This is a preordained agreement between the state’s

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Judge denies last-minute request for new lawyer in Doug Jensen’s case, jury selection continues

The Des Moines man seen at the front of a group of rioters inside the United States Capitol asked a federal judge for a new defense team. The request came from Jensen before jury selection started Monday morning, stating he and his lawyer disagreed on certain things over time.Jensen also said that he had only seen three videos in his discovery for the case: his interview with the FBI and two videos of him inside. He told Judge Timothy Kelly he had another defense attorney that was willing to take the case. Kelly sealed the court and spoke to Jensen and his current counsel in private. He then denied the request, saying it would have delayed the trial due to a new potential counsel not reviewing the entire case for a long period of time. He also said the case trial date had been set since February, and there was …

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Atlanta lawyer found guilty of hitting, killing man during road rage incident over golf ball

A metro Atlanta attorney accused of intentionally running over and killing a real estate investor over a golf ball was found guilty on all counts Tuesday.

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Bryan Schmitt was found guilty of murder, two counts of felony murder and two counts of aggravated assault by a jury.

Prosecutors said Schmitt got angry when real estate investor Hamid Jahangard, 60 threw a golf ball at his Mercedes in a parking lot in 2019. Schmitt is accused of confronting Jahangard and then intentionally hitting him. Schmitt argued that he hit Jahangard accidentally after the two men started to argue, and that Jahangard also threw a trash can at his car.


“Mr. Schmitt did not intend to kill or assault or otherwise harm Mr. Jahangard in any way. Mr. Jahangard’s death was a tragic accident,” defense attorney John Garland said.

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Boss Refused to Let Worker Leave After His Dog Bit Them

An employee has been urged to contact a lawyer after their boss refused to let them leave work to receive medical attention after his dog bit them.

in a popular post published on Reddit’s r/antiwork forum, an employee under the anonymous username u/notgoodredditname took their story to the subreddit and has received over 27,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began their post by explaining that they work an office job where they sit in a “boring cubicle” and push buttons all day. Recently, their boss brought their dog in to work. The OP said the dog was not on a leash or in their boss’s office and was roaming the halls while barking and growing at other employees.

Employee bit by dog ​​at work
Above, a german shepherd growls. An employee was urged to contact a lawyer after being bit by their boss’s dog at work.
YuriyGreen/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The OP

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