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Breaking Down Custody & Visitation for Grandparents & Other Relatives

Under certain circumstances grandparents and other relatives can seek custody or visitation rights, but should tread carefully before doing so as there is also great potential for making things worse and ending up with even less contact with the children than before.

The standards for custody and visitation are different, but in neither case are the relatives on equal footing with the parents. Under Washington law relatives are not entitled to custody or visitation without unusual circumstances.


How Can a Grandparent or Relative File for Custody or Visitation in Washington?

To file for custody, the grandparent or other family member must show either that the child is not living with a parent (for instance, the child has been living with the relative seeking custody), or that neither parent is a fit parent. Fitness is not an easy standard to overcome, there is a presumption that a parent is fit unless

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Do I Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

Moving in together is a big step for every couple, whether married or not. However, for couples who aren’t married, living together can present a number of challenges if the relationship doesn’t work out. No one wants to plan for the end of a relationship especially when things are going well, but as your lives become intertwined, you face both financial and legal risks. A cohabitation agreement can provide clarity and protection for those who are unmarried in the event that your relationship comes to an end. 

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

In basic terms, a cohabitation agreement is a legally binding contract between two people who are living together but not married. A good cohabitation agreement will address how the following matters will be addressed during your relationship and in the event you decide to part ways:

  • Property
  • Debts
  • Inheritance
  • Children
  • Health care issues
  • Estate planning issues


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Can I Get an Annulment in Washington?

Annulments in Washington State

Divorce and legal separation are the most common options that people choose for dissolving their marriages. However, there are situations where one or both spouses may decide to pursue an annulment, often for social or religious reasons. Unfortunately, annulments are not available for everyone or in every situation. In order to make an informed decision, you need to understand what makes this option unique. To discuss whether an annulment is right for you, a Seattle divorce attorney can provide you with the guidance you need. 

Couple considers a marriage annulment

Annulments vs. Divorce in Washington State

While both divorces and annulments dissolve a marriage, an annulment is unique in that at its conclusion your marriage is declared invalid. In other words, the court is ruling that you were never validly married. For this reason, an annulment is obtained in Washington State by filing a petition seeking a Declaration of Invalidity. 


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We take the time to elucidate to our shoppers their rights and obligations as they proceed by way of a divorce case, and we use our a long time of expertise and legal data to navigate to one of the best positions attainable for our shoppers. As knowledgeable and competent Boston divorce lawyers, our attorneys understand the emotional, psychological and financial penalties men and women face when planning and going through divorce. We offer a private, free consultation with the divorce attorneys in our Boston, New Bedford or Hingham offices to discuss the problems involved in your case and to think about your choices.

Child Custody and Visitation

It may be that you’ve a very strong case, however there aren’t any guarantees. Keeping this in thoughts will allow you to via this challenging course of, spur you on to get organized, and retain a divorce lawyer who will candidly review your …

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The answer depends on the monetary circumstances and needs of the events and also if one get together is causing extreme amounts of authorized hours be spent unnecessarily, then the courtroom could order one celebration to pay the other get together’s court docket prices and authorized charges. Divorce mediation is available to any parties that agree on mediating their divorce through an skilled attorney/mediator who will work carefully together with each parties in serving to them make selections to resolve their matter, which saves each money and time. A youngster support order is issued when one parent requests that the court enter such and order and then the quantity of kid help depends on the wants of the kids and the power of the dad and mom to pay. The courtroom makes custody order in each case where kids are involved. The court docket prefers to have a visitation schedule …

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